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BBC World Service Focus on Africa features TiC’s ‘Mama Grace EP’

Popular Ghanaian singer Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah, formerly known as TiC TaC and now rebranded as TiC, has had his EP, ‘Mama Grace’, featured on BBC Focus on Africa.

TiC, a legendary figure in the Ghanaian music industry with over 20 years of experience, has deliberately rebranded to usher in a new phase of his musical career.

In an interview with Sacha Gakin of BBC, TiC explained that the name change to TiC was a strategic move to refresh his artistic identity and focus. He emphasized that moving forward, he prefers to be called TiC.

TiC (interview monitored by Blacc Tbwoy)

The EP, ‘Mama Grace’, holds special significance as it is named after his beloved mother. TiC shared that he dedicated this body of work to his mother, Mama Grace, as a token of his deep love and gratitude for the opportunities she provided him, enabling his musical journey.

The EP features collaborations with several young musicians, showcasing TiC’s commitment to nurturing new talent while honoring his roots.

TiC’s feature on an international platform like BBC Focus on Africa highlights his ongoing efforts to elevate Ghanaian music on the global stage.

His dedication to promoting his country’s culture through his music underscores his ambition to contribute significantly to the international recognition of Ghanaian artistry.

Blacc Tbwoy
Blacc Tbwoy
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