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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Do this and Spotify can’t ignore your music – a breakdown

Just this week, some independent artists are seeing 200,000 streams from algorithmic playlists on Spotify. Let me show you how they did it, you can too.

1. Leverage Spotify Editors

One effective strategy is to reach out to Spotify genre editors through LinkedIn. Find who they follow, DM them your track, and consider incentivizing shares from micro-influencers. This organic boost catches editors’ attention and increases track visibility.

2. Target Spotify Staff with LinkedIn Ads

Use targeted LinkedIn ads directed at Spotify staff. Showcase your track with a live performance video, appealing directly to curators’ tastes and preferences. This personalized approach increases the likelihood of getting noticed amidst submissions.

3. Collaborate for Editorial Recognition

Collaborating with artists already featured in Spotify editorials elevates your chances of playlist inclusion. Whether through direct partnerships or remix collaborations, aligning with established names signals credibility and boosts submission success.

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4. Diversify with Acoustic Versions and Remixes

Expand your playlist opportunities by releasing acoustic versions and remixes of your track. Each version targets different listener preferences and playlist types, maximizing your exposure and submission chances.

5. Highlight Niche Locations

Rather than major cities, target playlists curated for specific regions like Ireland or Scotland. These smaller, specialized playlists often seek fresh talent, offering a stepping stone to broader editorial features.

6. Strengthen Your Social Presence

Maintain an active and genre-relevant social media presence. While follower count isn’t everything, a cohesive brand and engagement show commitment to your music career, appealing to Spotify’s curation team.

7. Optimize Your Spotify for Artists Pitch

Craft a compelling Spotify for Artists pitch that emphasizes playlist suitability and your track’s credibility. Mention previous successes, like support slots or media features, to demonstrate your potential for playlist longevity.

8. Showcase Live Performance Credentials

Include live performance details in your pitch. Whether it’s local gigs or upcoming tours, demonstrating your ability to draw a live audience reinforces your artist profile as a long-term investment for Spotify.

9. Emphasize Full Projects over Singles

Adopt a waterfall release strategy leading to an EP or album. Spotify values artists committed to building a substantial catalog, signaling reliability and audience engagement beyond single-track success.

10. Measure Stream Quality

Understand the quality of your streams beyond numbers. Our survey helps gauge the impact of your streams, comparing Premium vs. non-Premium listenership. This insight is crucial for refining your Spotify strategy.


Blacc Tbwoy
Blacc Tbwoy
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