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I always felt I would be the first to take Ghana to the World Cup – Asamoah Gyan

Gyan rightly started from a history about his school days when everyone in his class aspired to become great people in Ghana. It was only him who wanted to be a footballer knowing very well that footballers those days weren’t respected as a respected occupation. At an interview with Y107.9 FM he continued by saying even though people didn’t believe his ambition, he knew within him he will be the first to take Ghana to the World Cup and at God’s appointed time, the dream shall come to pass.

Gyan also emphasized on the fact that those early days, Ghana has exceptionally great players but it was probably not their destiny to take Ghana to the World Cup. Learning from the footsteps of his predecessors, he “prophesied” the first time he wears the Blackstars jersey, he’s heading to the World Cup.

Watch video;

Quite interestingly, his prophecy was that serious and profound! Ghana for the first time in foot all history reached the quarterfinals of CAN 2006 in South Africa! If not for Saurez’ deliberate hand foul, Ghana would have extended to the semifinals and probably who knows to the finals and then win the cup.

We hope to shine in 2026 in USA with Kudus, Jordan Ayew and the rest of the promising squad, after marking 20 years of our first debut.


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