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Korra pleas with fans to help her get lawyers to fight for her daughters. She’s already made over $44k out of $100k

Nigerian dance Korra Obidi who was divorced about 2 years ago is crying out again on Social media and this time, she says she needs $100,000 so she can hire lawyers so she can gain her rights to motherhood again.

According to Korra, her ex-husband Justin Dean has obtained image rights protection from Facebook which stops her from featuring their children on Facebook and went on to say that because of what her ex-husband did, she has lost her monetization on Facebook and that most of her videos are also being taken off the Social media platform.


This wouldn’t be the first time, that the couple are taking it out on each other since their divorce and with everything that is happening, it is very difficult to tell who is actually telling the truth.

Korra who is seen crying in one of the videos she posted, added that her ex-husband has abused her soo much and even gaslighted her and went on to say that, he’s now doing that to their daughters.

Explaining how he is ‘’gaslighting their kids,” Korra said Justin left their kids alone at his house with a woman who hates her (Korra). The woman then allegedly proceeded to take pictures of Korra’s daughter’s private part and shared this on a group and the photos circulated.

She went on to say that, Justin denied that this happened when she confronted him about it and that is why as a mother she wants to fight for herself and her kids and this money will help her to be able to do that.

She shared the link to her GoFund Me where she’s seeking to raise $100k and at the time Ghbase News published this article, he had raised over $44,000. Lots people are sharing her link and donating and her sister, Nancy Umeh has also shared the link and asked her friends to help her sister.



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