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OFM Computer World requests YouTube to mute Team Eternity’s ‘Defe Defe’ over copyright issues

Music Record Label, OFM Computer World known as DrAcheampong Kasa who manages German-based gospel artist Queenlet, has asked YouTube to pull down Team Eternity Ghana’s hit song “Defe Defe” over alleged copyright infringement.

 In a letter to the platform, the record label stated that the popular song reused portions of the original copyrighted song “Defe Defe” by Hallelujah Voices without their permission.

As such, they have requested that the platform change the song’s visibility to prevent individuals from accessing it ahead of pending legal action.

“But before any legal action is taken in Ghana’s capital city court, I request YouTube to make the video private, not visible since its copyright infringement,” the label said.

This was contained in a letter signed by OFM Computer World on June 20.

The letter also asserted that the music group often sampled songs by other musicians without the owners’ permission.

On June 18, in a Facebook post, Kwame Mickey, the executive producer for Hallelujah Voices’ ‘Defe Defe’, alleged that Team Eternity Ghana has infringed on his copyright by using the ‘defe defe’ line for their new hit song.

He wrote: “Who is that Defe Defe singer? If I start right now them go say I am ‘mansonia’. What is the difference between the two songs? Somebody tell her to report and do the needful. That’s all.” 

Although structurally, the rhythmic patterns and melodic phrases of the two lines are different, Kwame Mickey is making a case for the similarities in the lyrical content.

‘Defe Defe’ song performed by Hallelujah Voices, was written by Osuani Afrifa and executively produced by Kwame Mickey for Kaakyire Music Productions. It was released in 2004.

The recent copyright issue has sparked a lot of debate. While some argue that Team Eternity’s “Defe Defe” is different from Hallelujah Voices’ song, others contend that the mere fact that two lines are literally the same constitutes copyright infringement.

Enjoy Defe Defe Below;



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