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On July 2, shops are set to close for a Homowo clean-up initiative in Accra

The Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, has announced a significant initiative aimed at enhancing environmental cleanliness in Accra through a Homowo Clean-Up exercise. Scheduled for July 2, this effort will involve the closure of all shops and businesses in designated areas to facilitate a thorough cleaning process.

The initiative, themed “Let’s Keep Accra Clean,” is a collaborative effort between the Ga Traditional Council (GTC) and various government agencies across the Greater Accra Region.

During the launch of the initiative at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II emphasized community involvement and urged leaders of groups and associations to participate actively.

The campaign encompasses several key objectives, including household registration for organized waste collection services, educational programs on effective waste management, and enforcement of sanitation bylaws to ensure compliance.

The Ga Mantse stressed that environmental cleanliness should transcend political affiliations and be a collective responsibility. He advocated for the reintroduction of communal labor and intensified public education on sanitation practices.

To enforce compliance with sanitation regulations, a dedicated task force will be deployed, authorized to arrest and prosecute offenders. Additionally, the Ga Mantse called upon local assemblies to strategically place refuse bins to support the clean-up efforts.

An innovative aspect of the campaign involves sanitation competitions among schools, communities, markets, and lorry stations, with awards aimed at promoting cleanliness and community pride. Corporate institutions were also urged to adopt sustainable practices and green policies to contribute to environmental well-being.

Support for the initiative was evident from collaborating government ministries, which pledged resources and expertise. Accra Mayor Elizabeth K.T. Sackey highlighted the importance of a clean environment for safety and security, underscoring the Ga Mantse’s involvement as a testament to the initiative’s gravity.

Deputy Minister Vincent Ekow Assafuah and Minister Lydia Seyram Alhassan affirmed their ministries’ preparedness, detailing resources allocated for the exercise, including trucks, tricycles, and personnel. Greater Accra Regional Minister Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover expressed appreciation to the Ga Traditional Council for revitalizing the “Keep Accra Clean” campaign and assured phased implementation of the clean-up exercise.

Overall, the Homowo Clean-Up initiative aims to instill a culture of cleanliness, promote sustainable practices, and foster community pride in Accra, leveraging traditional values and modern strategies for environmental stewardship.


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