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Team Eternity is in trouble as Kwame Mickey accuses them of song theft, drags them to court

USA-based Ghanaian music and film producer Kwame Mickey has accused Team Eternity of song theft.

In a Facebook live session discovered by, Mickey urged the Ghanaian Gospel Music Group to address the issue appropriately.

He claimed they used a portion of a song for which he owns the copyright without seeking his permission.

Kwame explained that the beginning of Team Eternity’s song “Defe Defe” includes a segment from a song originally written by Osuani Afrifa, which was performed by Halleluyah Voices.

He mentioned that he purchased the rights to this song and has all the necessary documentation to prove it.

However, Kwame clarified that Osuani Afrifa, as the composer, retains the intellectual property rights. He stressed that Team Eternity should have contacted him before using the segment.

As fellow Christians, he hopes they will do the right thing. He added that he won’t be too harsh if they rectify the situation.

Kwame Mickey also complimented Team Eternity’s song, acknowledging its quality.

Blacc Tbwoy
Blacc Tbwoy
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