Joshua Enoku Donkoh lambasts Mr. Happiness for exposing Ghana to the western world falsely


This is how some Africa (Ghanaians) expose us to the ridicule of the whites. Like XI will say blacks are stupid. When you emphasize your very the evals masters passport over your own livelihood (personal self development). It is sad. Indeed PhDs have not transformed Africa (Ghana) but that is way better and dignifying than the ‘Any work'(Adwuma biaa’) that you guys go to Oyibo to do? Tell me what work do you do there.

There is no way this passport makes you a 1st class citizen. You will never have equal rights and privileges like the indigenes. In the eyes of the evals master you are just a polished slave helping him with cleaning, driving, gardening etc, menial job, any work. I am anti-neo evals trade and brain drain because if all of us decide to relocate a road because of our stomach how will the Africa (Ghana) dream fulfill.

If the white selfishly walked the path you guys are walk will their lands be developed for it to look appealing to you? We ought all to grow up as Africans (Ghanaians) to stop the modern day (yrevals) and (edartevals) agency. And return home because Joshua the true awaited 3rd Force has matured to rewrite all the wrongs for our spiritual and economic emancipation as African (Ghanaians). I have over 250 videos in which I present my vision & pragmatic solutions needed to salvage the nation from our current economic quagmire and to transform Ghana aggressively into a first class economy, the likes of Dubai using our own people.

Watch my videos, comment like and share for the future you want to see in Ghana. Don’t mind guys such as him, since we have since they like to be in the back seat instead of the driving seat just by being a little selfless and self seeking, we will rebuild Ghana and make they will return to be second class citizen just like they enjoy to be in Oyibo for parochial interest. Salute!

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