Ankle monitor removed – update on Hajia4Real’s ‘arrest’


In a recent Court session, popular Ghanaian female musician, Hajia 4 Real’s ankle monitor has been removed.

This development followed a play from a lawyer. Due to this the court has removed her ankle monitor temporarily to facilitate an MRI scan.

A letter was written to the court by her legal representatives requesting the modification of Miss moners pre-trial condition due to pain in hair left ankle as recommended by her doctor.

This is the letter below.

I am an attorney of record for Ms Mona Montrage in the above mentioned case. I am writing to respectfully request that Ms Mona Montrage pre-trial conditions be modified to allow for temporary removal of her uncle monitor to facilitate an MRI scan.

“miss montage has been experiencing pain in her left ankle and her doctor has recommended the scan.

“If authorized by the court, Ms. Montrage is scheduled for the MRI on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 8 am at 574 Springfield Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey 07090. I have also provided supporting medical documentation,” the statement added.

Subsequently, Hajia4Reall’s legal team’s request was granted, resulting in the removal of her ankle monitor on the same day.

In a related development, just five days before Hajia4Reall’s scheduled sentencing, her legal team submitted another letter to the court requesting a two-week adjournment co-signed by Eleana Fast, Esq.

The letter outlined the need for additional time to gather necessary documents for the defense’s sentencing submission, including outstanding letters of support and a letter from Ms. Montrage’s immigration attorney regarding the potential immigration consequences of her conviction.

“We, along with Eleana Fast, Esq., represent Mona Montrage in the above-captioned matter and respectfully request that the scheduled sentencing date be adjourned for two weeks. Despite our diligent efforts, there are still some materials outstanding that are needed for the defense’s sentencing submission.

Specifically, we have several letters of support that are still outstanding. Additionally, we are awaiting a letter from Ms. Montrage’s immigration attorney regarding the potential immigration consequences that Ms. Montrage may suffer as a result of her conviction.”

“We have confirmed with the United States Attorney and Steiner, who have no objections. The parties are available for sentencing on June 19 or June 24-28 if it pleases the court,” the letter read.


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