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Appietus recognizes Reggie Rockstone as the originator of Hiplife

Veteran music producer Appietus has acknowledged Reggie Rockstone’s crucial role in the creation and popularization of Hiplife, a genre that merges Ghanaian highlife music with hip-hop influences.

In a recent interview on Channel One TV discussing “Ghana’s Musical Identity,” Appietus emphasized that Reggie Rockstone deserves recognition for his pioneering efforts in the early 1990s.

According to Appietus, Rockstone’s vision and innovation laid the groundwork for a new wave of Ghanaian music that has become a staple in the country’s entertainment industry.

While Reggie Rockstone has long asserted that he originated Hiplife, several key figures who have significantly contributed to the genre’s growth have disputed this claim.

Reggie Rockstone is undeniably the originator of Hiplife,” Appietus stated. “He brought a unique fusion of highlife and hip-hop that resonated with the youth and created a whole new musical movement. Without Reggie’s groundbreaking work, Hiplife as we know it today wouldn’t exist.”

Blacc Tbwoy
Blacc Tbwoy
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