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Defe Defe: What Team Eternity told Tiwaa Rockson, a member of Halleluyah Voices will shock you – video

Mabel Tiwaa Rockson, a member of the Ghanaian Gospel music group Halleluyah Voices, has spoken out about the ongoing copyright infringement controversy involving Team Eternity.

The issue arose after Kwame Mickey, a Ghanaian music producer based in the USA, accused Team Eternity of using a portion of a song he produced without obtaining permission, threatening legal action if necessary.

In an interview with Dave Hammer on Hello FM in Kumasi, which was reported by, Mrs. Tiwaa Rockson provided her perspective on the matter. She revealed that she had intentions to create a remix of the song in question.

However, before she could proceed, she heard her children singing a different version of the song, which led her to believe they had already made their own remix.

It was only after this incident that her husband informed her about Kwame Mickey’s social media post regarding the song and the dispute with Team Eternity. Mrs. Tiwaa Rockson mentioned that last week, her husband received a surprising phone call from Team Eternity, during which they allegedly suggested that they should not escalate the issue as if they were secular artists.

As of now, Team Eternity has not issued a public statement addressing the allegations and the copyright dispute. The situation continues to unfold amidst discussions about intellectual property rights and the importance of adhering to proper copyright protocols within Ghana’s music industry.

Blacc Tbwoy
Blacc Tbwoy
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